We think of celebrities as being larger than life, but they’re human just like us. The tabloids might be onto something with their unflattering photos of starlets lounging in sweats or eating burritos. Those pictures look downright beautiful compared to the mugshots featured on the infamous Avvo carpet in our Seattle office. This rug highlights a few of the most notorious celebrity crimes, as detailed below:

Andre the Giant

Arguably the world’s most famous giant, Andre went one-on-one with a Cedar Rapids photojournalist after a wrestling match. The not-so-gentle giant — known by most for his WWF tenure and his cameo in The Princess Bride — knocked the camera away from the shocked newsman. Andre assumed that the cameraman had caught his loss on film. After ironing out the misunderstanding backstage, Andre agreed to a peaceful arrest.


Suzanne Somers

Long before she became America’s favorite blonde on Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers was just another actress trying to make it in Hollywood. Struggling to get by, she passed bad checks all over town. The result? An arrest mugshot that could double as a headshot for Hollywood casting agents. In the end, the charges against Somers were dropped after she paid back all of the bad checks. 


Jane Fonda

A feminist icon for decades, Jane Fonda made her mark by jumping into the fray and protesting on behalf of a just cause. Arrested for bringing drugs into the country in 1970, Hanoi Jane became a fashion icon as her fans marveled at her fabulous mugshot. This major moment elevated the actress from counterculture firebrand to fashion icon.


Charles Barkley

The Round Mound of Rebound went one-on-three against a pack of drunken aggressors during a 1991 brawl in Milwaukee. He broke the nose of a man who was a little too excited to rub the Bucks victory over his Philadelphia 76ers in his face. This led to an arrest for battery. Even after being released on a $500 cash bond, Barkley has continued to experience run-ins with opposing fans.


Dennis Hopper

In the 1970s, few actors lived as fast and hard as Dennis Hopper. His crazy lifestyle was best evidenced by his 1975 run-in with a grizzly bear in New Mexico. This incident occurred after Hopper won drugs in a poker game and went outside to celebrate. After unloading his .357 magnum into what he thought was an aggressive bear, Hopper realized he’d actually shot up a tree. His reckless use of a firearm landed him a night in jail — and an iconic mugshot.


Dustin Hoffman

If Hoffman ultimately winds up in the slammer, he can draw on his experience from the 1978 film Straight Time. Starring as Max Dembo, Hoffman took numerous mugshots in character as a career criminal.


Elvis Presley

Before he became the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley made his mark as a regional star. On his way to a gig at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in 1955, Presley exceeded the speed limit and experienced a run-in with the police as a result. Two years before Jailhouse Rock, the singer became the subject of an iconic mugshot — although it certainly wouldn’t be his last. Later, he received an honorary police badge and posed for a publicity mugshot. 


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Expired license tabs can ruin anyone’s day, as diva starlet Zsa Zsa Gabor discovered when she was pulled over in her Rolls-Royce. Most people would grumble under their breath while driving away, but Gabor clubbed the officer who had the nerve to disrupt her joyride. Charged with assault, she later claimed she hit the officer in self-defense. 


Jim Morrison

No musician embodied the renegade spirit of rock ‘n’ roll quite like Jim Morrison. The singer earned a notoriously lengthy rap sheet, complete with numerous incidents from assault to public drunkenness. His most memorable run-in occurred during a concert in Florida. Fueled by alcohol and free love, Morrison disrobed on stage and simulated lewd acts. This led to a warrant for his arrest on charges of public exposures. Years later, Florida Governor Charlie Crist posthumously pardoned Morrison.


Robert Downey Jr.

One of Hollywood’s most high-profile stars, Robert Downey Jr. suffered a major career blow following multiple drug convictions in 2000 and 2001. The veteran actor later triumphed over his addiction. First, however, he endured a mugshot that now places his Hollywood image in (Tony) Stark contrast to his former bad boy persona. 


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